Workshop Group Agreement

  • 1. Everyone should be on time and prepared for the workshop.
  • 2. Everyone will be provided with an opportunity to contribute. 
  • 3. Participants agree to allow space for one person at a time to speak.
    • If participants wish to speak, they are to raise their hand and wait until they are acknowledged by the facilitator. In instances of online environments, such as Zoom, please hit the button that indicates a raised hand. 
  • 4. Participants are to respect one another’s opinions and ideas, even when they don’t agree with them.
  • 5. Anything discussed during the workshop will remain confidential – none of the conversations or private member details should be repeated outside of this workshop.
  • 6. Be aware of the time and any constraints – helping to stick to it and to move on when necessary.
  • 7. Participants are encouraged to avoid divulging personal information about their relationship in the group setting that has not been previously discussed with their partner and/or without first securing the other party’s permission regarding what can be shared.
  • 8. Electronic devices that are not required specifically during the workshop should be turned off to minimize disruptions, with the exception of when requested by the facilitator (e.g., to utilize survey questions, etc.).  Mobile phone usage should be conducted during breaks (if breaks are planned).

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